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commercial property to rent in Durbanville

commercial property to rent in Durbanville

commercial property to rent in Durbanville

Commercial property to rent in Durbanville

Twenty minutes to the north of the city of Cape Town, Durbanville is one of the oldest municipalities in the Western Cape Province and originally called Pampoenkraal, after a meeting place for local farmers around some fresh water springs just beyond the Durbanville Hills. Later named Durbanville, after Sir Benjamin D’Urban, governor of the Cape Between 1834 and 1838, this part of the world lies in a beautiful valley that is home to one of the most closely guarded secrets in Cape Town.

Commercial property to rent in Durbanville boasts a lot of commercial activity filled with various markets and demands. Here the business minded individuals would agree that there is more than just potential. Already there is an award-winning wine plantation that has been established within the town of Durbanville. On  would agree that taking your business there would be a smart business move, renting commercial property here would mean adding to the growth of durbanville to the existing market and boosting your business.

Typically for a business to grow you would have to locate yourself in an area that has opportunity and high demand concentrations, since durbanville is located 20 minutes from cape town it would be very easy to trade in the CBD and exploit your resources effectively.

Today durbanville is home to a coffee shop, a clay museum, with works by prominent South African ceramists, and a gallery that exhibits contemporary artists. It is literally a booming market for investors and those seeking to make money. Commercial property to rent in Durbanville allows you to lease property on available retail buildings or office space to accommodate your business and join its forever booming industry, support from the locals is also almost natural. Rent your property in Durbanville today!

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